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Ouroboros DevBlog #1 7th-15th August

Let's sum up what we've done in the last week in our Slavic metroidvania:

1. Made the first background for the Forest Location(Parallax). You can see how this background looks in game in the video below.

2. Finished Basic set of animations for Player character

3. Finished Forest Tileset. You can see how this tileset looks in game in the video below.

4. Created and Polished HFSM (Hierarchical Finite State Machine) for Enemy AI Behavior and for Player Movement System. In our game we’ve come to the conclusion to use HFSM for a player controller, it is a complex system that is easy to expand, moreover changes in one state will not influence any other part of the system so it is also stable. For the most of the enemies we are also using HFSM, except for the bosses and enemies with more complex behaviour, for them we are using Behaviour trees, with them we can create more fluid and flexible AI.

5. Created custom font for our game

6. Implemented complex Combat System (Footage comming soon :D )


Finally. This week's gameplay footage:

Parallax background, parry and combat, death and rebirth demonstration.

See you next week, thank you for your attention! ^_^

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